A Reluctant Blogger

Hello, my name is Avril, and I Am A Reluctant Blogger.

Does the world really need another blogger posting their opinions, musings and random observations? I’m not sure, but with the threat of getting left behind and becoming even more of an old fossil, I have decided to embrace the whole wide world of social media.

I promise not to post too much random nonsense and add even more cyber world clutter.

My words and musings will be carefully chosen. Enjoy. (I hope).



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4 responses to “A Reluctant Blogger

  1. Thanks Avril for your insight…. Like you I thought, does the world need me blogging about health there seems to an overload but as you mentioned social media is the future and I am about to start a blog also. Enjoyed your reviews.

    • Hi Marlene, thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. I like your blog also – after reading it, I think I should be exercising more! I look forward to following your blog! Thanks again. Avril

  2. Look what I just stumbled across. 🙂 Hi Avril, long time to see. How’s life? I’m glad to welcome you to the blogosphere. I think it’s better to observe, muse and communicate than to not, so I think it’s well worth having a platform to post your writings even if the web is saturated with blogs and whatever. I enjoyed your posts.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for “stumbling across” my blog and leaving a comment! I’m good, thanks, hope you are too. I agree with your comments, although it took me a while to get started with all of this! Thanks again!

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