Gin in Teacups

Gin in Teacups1

Gin in Teacups is an indoor-based vintage sale which operates throughout Scotland. You can expect to find unique and bespoke handmade goods and everything from records to vintage clothing and jewellery, and lots of edgy designers.

Gin in Teacups

Gin in Teacups

The popular sale with a twist is back with a bang this Saturday, April 6, 2013. You’ll find it at The Arches in Glasgow from 12 noon to 5pm, free entry.

Get there early and you could be in line for a special giveaway, if you are one of the first 40 people through the door.

Gin in Teacups Mugs

And if you can’t make it, don’t worry, Laurie Macmillan and Sarah Lawson, the girls behind Gin in Teacups have set their dates and promise lots more selling, bargains and gorgeous goods to come throughout Scotland all during the year.


Laurie also chats below about their sale and what motivates them.

For more information on Gin in Teacups see:

Gin in Teacups Facebook page:

 For those of us who don’t know much about Gin in Teacups, tell us about it.

 Gin in Teacups is not only an indoor pop-up market showcasing the best of Scotland’s creatives, artists, jewellery designers, vintage traders, but it’s also a meeting place for these traders to network, inspire each other and bounce ideas around.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea came from way back when we designed and made our own clothes. We were stocking in several shops but the huge commission rates made it less fruitful. We decided we could cut out the middle man and run our ‘pop-up-shop’ but we wanted to bring in more people and make it an alternative shopping experience.

Who runs it and what’s your background?  Do you have any other jobs?

The event is run throughout Scotland by Laurie Macmillan and Sarah Lawson. They are both self-taught designers who went to high school together and always shared similar interests. They both work full time, Sarah as a manager for support workers and Laurie as a full time chef.

Gin in Teacups logo

The name Gin in Teacups is particularly cool. How did you decide on the name?

We were wracking our brains for hours and nothing grabbed us, but for some reason that line stuck in our heads. It’s from a Babyshambles song called Albion. It also relates to the alcohol prohibition in the 1920s.

What’s been your experience of organizing these events?

It’s always a mix. You do work very, very hard to organize it. People drop out at the last minute, venues let you down and don’t fulfill their part of the bargain but it is fun, maybe we are a glutton for punishment. You also get to meet weird and wonderful people along the way and of course you pick up some smashing items and see all the fantastic things that people create.

Going forward, what’s your plans for Gin in Teacups?

 We’d like to just keep scouting for new venues, new traders and to try keep it fresh.

You’re back this weekend, who/what can we expect to see there?

We will be having a giveaway for the first 40 through the door, which will be special limited edition gin mugs, and they are super cute. We will have 20 traders selling everything from gourmet cupcakes, handcrafted jewellery, hand-printed t-shirts, fantastic in trend vintage clothing and so much more.

Gin in Teacups Mugs

Be early and grab a trendy “Gin” mug for free


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