The Kelpies, Helix Park, Near Falkirk, Scotland – May 2014


The Kelpies

In Scottish folklore a kelpie is a water spirit who can appear in the shape of a horse. The mythical creatures are said to live in Scottish lochs and rivers.

The Kelpies

These Kelpies can be found at the Helix Park, between Falkirk and Grangemouth in Scotland. The 30m high horses heads which are made of steel, are one of the the UK’s tallest pieces of public art.

The Kelpies

These giant structures are the result of an eight year project by Glaswegian sculptor Andy Scott. Each horse’s head consists of 300 tonnes of steel and each head took 75 days to complete.

The Kelpies

Sculptor Scott says the inspiration for his kelpies comes from the heavy horses that once powered Scotland’s canals.

The £5million project which officially opened in April 2014, is fast becoming one of Scotland’s most photographed sites.

The Kelpies


To read more about the project BBC News Website and also official Kelpies website



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2 responses to “The Kelpies, Helix Park, Near Falkirk, Scotland – May 2014

  1. I drive by these magnificent creatures on my way to work every day, and it really lifts my spirits

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