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Live Gig Review: Horse, with Scottish Chamber Orchestra , Barrowland, Glasgow, March 2, 2013

A horse gig is full of drama but it’s also a very human affair. Most aspects of ordinary life come under inspection, because Horse usually has a song she’s written about them in her back catalogue.

Horse at Barrowland, Glasgow

Horse at Barrowland, Glasgow
Picture Credit: Kris Kesiak

And at this gig at the Barrowland there were songs which dealt with life, marriage, death and children.

The stage was as packed as a busy weekend at well … the Barras, and it was also a rare opportunity to see the Scottish Chamber Orchestra on stage in this venue. Horse has appeared with them before in the Barrowland, but way back in 1995. This reunion saw the orchestra expertly conducted by Sally Herbert.

Also on stage were Horse’s band of musicians together with backing singers, Chris Judge, Madaleine Pritchard and Stefanie Lawrence, all stars in their own right.

This wealth of talent which crowded the stage set the bar high. But as soon as Horse appeared and kicked off the gig by singing Careful, we knew the voice was there. Her vocal range was spellbinding and best seen in the sad and sultry Breathe Me from the Same Sky album.

It’s also the 20th anniversary of Horse album God’s Home Movie and we heard a wonderful rendition of the title track, as well as a dip through the impressive back catalogue with Automatic, Some Wonderful, Sweet Thing and Catch My Fall, which featured an amazing string-lead intro from the SCO which the band and backing singers followed up on.

The tracks from the latest album Home are perhaps reflective of Horse’s current situation. She tied the knot at the start of this year, and this batch of songs sounded happy and joyful. A particular highlight was the jaunty and romantic Alanna’s Waltz, named after her partner.

Moving on from marriage to children, we heard the lovely Starfish which was dedicated to little ones. And from birth and new life we went to the other end of the spectrum where we were gifted a rare outing of An End Of Days. A song Horse has never sung live before. It was written after the loss of her parents, and it proved to be a particularly tender and thoughtful moment as the Barrowland fell silent.

But there was also time for celebration as Horse got her aim to get the “Barrowland bouncing” during a lively Shake This Mountain.


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