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Balquhidder, Rob Roy Country, Central Scotland

Balquhidder located Perthshire/Stirlinghire, Scotland is deep in the heart of Rob Roy country. He was a local outlaw, who was often called the Scottish Robin Hood. Baptised on 7th March 1671, he died in his house at Inverlochlarig Beg, Balquhidder on 28th December 1734. You can see his grave beside the ruins of Balquhidder Church.

It’s also said that St Angus visited Balquhidder Glen in the 8th or 9th century and identified it as a “thin place” where the boundary between Earth and Heaven was close.

Around this area you’ll find lots of walks and options to suit the adventurous to the easy ramblers but whatever path you take, you’ll feast your eyes on stunning scenery, lush green glades, towering trees, magical waterfalls and often snow topped mountains. Breathe in the fresh air, relax the mind in the quiet solitude and you can often experience all seasons in one day, as the sunshine gives way to showers and snow.

While you’re here you can also visit and stay at the excellent  Mhor 84 Motel – and see my other blog post. Review of Mhor 84 Motel It’s a Scottish gem with a cool laid back vibe and a perfect pit stop.

For more information see Rob Roy Country Website

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February 23, 2016 · 1:34 pm

Photo Gallery – Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow, Scotland

Linlithgow Palace is the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. She was born here in 1542.

James I (1406 – 1437) started work on Linlithgow Palace in 1425. The building was finally completed nearly a century later by his great grandson James IV (1488-1513).


February 12, 2016 · 11:13 am

Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, Scotland – January 2016


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January 19, 2016 · 3:21 pm

Beltane Fire Festival, Calton Hill, Edinburgh, 30th April 2015

It was a perfect night to herald in the May Queen as a quiet calm descended over Edinburgh’s Calton Hill and an almost full moon lit up the way for the crowds that gathered.

Beltane Fire Festival, Calton Hill Edinburgh, 2015




DSC01407 (1)_edited-1

Beltane Fire Festival, Calton Hill Edinburgh, 2015

DSC01578 (1)_edited-1

Any martians visiting Earth that night dropping in on the grassy hillocks would have beat a hasty retreat back to the safety of their planet. They would have been met with nearly naked people painted red and dancing like demons, figures dressed as birds and animals, blowing on hooters, while others were covered in black paint and banging drums in a procession which announced the arrival of the May Queen.


DSC01462 (1)_edited-1


DSC01595 - Copy_edited-2


The night ended with the May Queen marrying the Green Man as a representation of spring and fertility.

Beltane Fire Festival, Calton Hill, Edinburgh, 2015



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May 31, 2015 · 10:45 pm

Ben Ledi, Scotland – 8th February 2015

2015-02-08 12.36.302015-02-08 12.50.182015-02-08 14.21.59
2015-02-08 13.30.29
2015-02-08 11.30.46
2015-02-08 13.38.342015-02-08 12.19.40

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February 9, 2015 · 12:27 am

Fireworks at Strathclyde Park, Lanarkshire


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November 5, 2013 · 9:44 pm

Full Moon – July 22, 2013


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July 22, 2013 · 2:03 am